Independent Escort Job in Delhi




Vacancies In Delhi Escort Services invites applications for VIP escort girls in Delhi . We are a leading escort agency but we are like a family to the escort girls who work for our clients. We have reached the next level of our expansion where we need more escorts.

Applications can be sent directly to with profile details and pictures. We are looking for dedicated women to become our celebrity escort girls. Their role will be to provide sensual services to clients who are gentlemen clients belonging to the high strata of society. It is a high-paying job.

We need passionate women for the role of model escort girls. They should be ready to travel with clients and work round the clock to provide satisfactory services. We prefer young candidates with an eye to excel in the trade. They will be trained and educated on the rules of escort service.

Interested women can send their resumes with all the necessary details independent escort job in Delhi and remain hopeful of becoming independent escort girls.

Join Us To Become A High Class Escort In Delhi

We provides an opportunity for all women looking for high- paying jobs to accept the roles of VIP escort girls who are always on the go. The job involves meeting gentlemen clients, especially international business travelers, and taking care of their sensual needs. But fulfilling sensual needs is just a part of the job as it involves traveling and partying.

As an Aerocity escort, your role will be to stay connected to the website and respond to client queries. We want you to get prepared for service even on short notice and get praise from clients. Of course, We will be there to help in understand your roles and responsibilities. Together we can make a difference to our escort services. We will help you fulfill your roles and responsibilities.

Work As An Independent Escort In Delhi

We allows ample freedom to choose your work timings and roles. As an escort in Delhi, you will enjoy all good things the life has to offer. Clients demand attention, love, and care and they give respect and lots of monetary benefits in return. Also, we will train and educate you on how to take care of your clients so they are pleased with your service.

Perks Of A Part Time Celebrity Escort Girls

Independent escort job in Delhi has become more demanding because of competition. Gentlemen clients always demand the best and they give recurring business only when they are satisfied. We feels proud to have loyal patrons who come to us again and again to relive the sensation. Many of our Delhi escort girls work part-time but they provide the best service. They work exclusively for our clients and take home a good amount every month. We are looking for talent that we can nurture and make the best in the industry. If you have a passion for sex, you can use your passion to make quick money and make a handsome income every day working as a part-time escort in Delhi.

Do An Independent escort job in Delhi

If you love your independence then our job offer is for you. An Aerocity escort works independently. They are free from working hours, reporting, and other pressures that women face in regular companies. They wield high-tech gadgets, wear branded clothes, always remain ahead in fashion, and network with who’s who of the international business community. Also, they travel a lot with business clients. If this job attracts you, you should send a detailed resume without delay.

Highest Income With Flexi Working Hours For VIP Escort

Sky is your limit, if you choose to become a model escort with Us. We promise the highest income you can ever think of and flexible working hours that suit your lifestyle and everyday needs. You won’t have to come to any office or report to anyone for tasks. You will assigned tasks from the website and your job will be to complete the assigned task with focus and dedication.

Handsome Hourly Income With Assured Job And Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a VIP escort with Alisha Sharma, you are entitled to get a handsome hourly price that will increase according to assignments and client reviews. Also, we assure all our escort girls of continuous assignments. Being one of the leading escort agencies, we cater to a large number of clients and most of our clients are recurring. They spend lavishly on escort services and give positive reviews for satisfactory services. You will continue to get assignments for as long as you want.

We Offers The Best Prices And Perks

With Us, you can rest assured that you get the best price in the industry. Also, we make sure that you get paid for every second spent on client service. As an escort in Delhi, you will enjoy all luxuries including air travel, stay at seven-star hotels, exotic vacations, and the company of gentlemen clients of the elite class. It will be like living your dream life. Also, we will be there to help with everything.

Requirements For Working As An Aerocity Escort With

We Are is expanding our family of Delhi escort girls and hence looking for young and energetic women passionate about sex. Age, body type, skin tone, and even educational qualification are no bar for women interested in making a striking career in escort services. We promise regular assignments and hourly prices. Also, job satisfaction and privacy are guaranteed. All the time you will find us standing by your side.

Come Join As An Escort In Delhi

We are improving our is expanding its escort services. We want all model escort girls to be professionals and we are ready to take the responsibility of training and educating escorts on the industry rules. We have set the bar higher for others to follow. We want all clients to trust escorts and it is possible only when we train and educate independent escort girls.


Independent Escort Jobs In Delhi

We Are Recruiting Young 18+ Women

Alisha Sharma welcomes young and energetic 18+ women in its extensive family of independent escort girls. We promise complete training and education to selected women. They will become professionals and enter the trade of escort services. We will assign tasks according to their training, knowledge of the trade, and experience. Similarly, their prices will be determined. Also, we promise continuous growth to all our model escort girls. It is an opportunity for all promising women.